UAV Application Research Center

The UAV Application Research Center of National Ilan University was officially established on January 7, 2020. The main task of the research center is UAV-related application research and personnel training. On August 14, 2019, the construction of the UAV experimental flight field on the Chengnan Campus of Ilan University was completed.

This is the first multi-functional drone flight field in eastern Taiwan that combines applied research and talent training. In order to cultivate talents, in the second semester of the 2019 academic year, the center will take the lead in opening the "UAV Application Credit Course" in the school, covering the concept of UAV system, related technical applications, related applications and other professional knowledge.

In addition to the talent training of the college education, the College of Bioresources has also completed the planning and launch of the “UAV Application and Smart Agriculture Master's Degree Program”, and enrolled students for the first time in the 110th academic year.

The purpose of the establishment of this center:

  1. Integrate teachers and researchers in related fields or applied research from various departments of the school to form a cross-disciplinary research team to engage in the development of UAV design, application and innovation research, and to assist in the promotion of UAV-related credit courses.
  2. Build a UAV experimental flight field and related equipment for use by people inside and outside the school to facilitate UAV industry promotion, competition, design verification, operator and license training.
  3. Cultivate students of this school to invest in UAV-related applied research and Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, and establish an excellent talent pool for the UAV industry.
  4. Strive for off-campus UAV application research or talent training programs.
  5. Promote UAV science popularization activities